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The Exceptional Leader Program is a high-impact, comprehensive, six month leadership mastery program geared toward established and emerging leaders. This management coaching program is designed to upgrade the management skills of leaders and dramatically increase their effectiveness.

We deliver this program in two ways:

  • Onsite for your management team: This management coaching program is tailored to the needs of your leaders and organization, and is delivered onsite for your entire leadership or management team.
  • Open enrollment for individual leaders: The program is offered two times a year at the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association offices in Columbia, Maryland. Individual leaders may enroll, and an organization can also enroll one or more leaders in the program.

Participants in the management coaching program will meet each month for five hours over the course of the program. Topics include:

  • Module 1: Planning & Productivity
  • Module 2: Leadership coaching skills and performance management
  • Module 3: Engaging and recognizing employees
  • Module 4: Crucial conversations and communication in the workplace
  • Module 5: Accountability & Results
  • Module 6: Leading at a higher level

Part of what makes this program so successful is that leaders have an opportunity to learn over the course of six months rather than all at once. This allows your leaders to go away each month and implement new skills deliberately and get the support they need along the way. Our program includes homework and accountability to ensure your leaders are applying their learning. This is truly an active and participatory workshop rather than a class where leaders are just learning principles and theory. Your leaders will leave each session enthusiastic to immediately implement what they learned in the session, and they will see dramatic results.

Each monthly session includes a leadership book, pre-work, demonstrations, role-plays, and homework exercises that will allow managers to practice their new skills and bring real work experiences to the sessions for feedback and learning. Accountability is built into the program to ensure the managers practice applying the skills and incorporate them into their existing management style. These modules are very interactive and engaging, and allow participants to receive individual coaching during the process.

This program is limited to 25 participants per group.

This program is suitable for: supervisors, managers, directors, and high-potential employees being groomed for management.

This program fills up fast, so register early to ensure enrollment.

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