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Laurie Maddalena is a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership trainer known for her engaging, impactful sessions that not only leave audiences inspired, but spur them into action.

When she’s not traveling the country inspiring leaders, she can be found drinking a nice glass of Cabernet with her husband, Rino, or reading Curious George to her three kids (seven and under).

Laurie sitting at a table

Elevate Your Leadership






“I highly recommend Laurie. Her energy, passion, and approachability set her apart from other speakers”


–Jack Canfield
America’s #1 Succes Coach and author of The Success
and co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

for ALL industries

2.28.23 | 12-3 pm EST

Leadership Training Program

The Future Leader Training Program

for ALL industries and Credit Unions

All Industry training begins 3.14.23 | 9am-12 pm EST
Credit Union training begins 3.29.23 | 9am-12pm EST

DiSC Management Profile Training

specifically for Credit Unions

3.30.23 | 9am-12 pm EST

Envision Excellence is a leadership consulting firm specializing in executive and management training, leadership assessments, emotional intelligence, teambuilding, and speaking for conferences and corporate events.

woman thinking who should not be a leader

5 Signs You Should Not Be A Leader

| Leadership | 2 Comments
Not everyone is meant to be a leader. Just like not everyone is meant to be a teacher, a pilot, a customer service representative (have you experienced someone who definitely should NOT be in customer service? 🙄), an architect or a barista, not everyone is meant to be a leader. Yet many companies still follow the old practice of promoting the technical superstart to a leadership position. To elevate our cultures, we not to stop…
quiet quitting means mom sets boundaries at work

‘Quiet Quitting’ Isn’t All That It Seems

| daily habits, habits, Leadership, success | No Comments
Once upon a time I might have labeled as being part of the "quiet quitting trend". More than 20 years ago, I moved from my small hometown in upstate New York to Maryland. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life, and I was hired by a small technology company to be the office manager. During the interview process, the director of human resources painted a great picture of my new role:…
what leadership is really like

A Peek Behind the Curtain of Leadership

| Leadership, planning | No Comments
Right out of college, I worked in the IT department as a help desk representative for an insurance company in upstate New York where I grew up. I was the person you called if you had a computer problem, forgot your password, or couldn’t get  the printer to work. I didn’t really know much about leadership or managing, but from the outside, it looked pretty great! Better pay, better title, a nice office, and more…
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