Laurie Maddalena is a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership trainer known for her engaging, impactful sessions that not only leave audiences inspired, but spur them into action.

When she’s not traveling the country inspiring leaders, she can be found drinking a nice glass of Cabernet with her husband, Rino, or reading Curious George to her three kids (seven and under).


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“I highly recommend Laurie. Her energy, passion, and approachability set her apart from other speakers”


–Jack Canfield
America’s #1 Succes Coach and author of The Success
and co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series


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10.7.21 | 9 am


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Why Your Employee Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

Why Your Employee Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

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As some organizations start bringing employees back to the office, many are finding that not all team members are excited to be transitioning back to an office environment full time. Although many employees struggled over the past year to balance work with children learning at home, they also experienced some benefits from a more flexible work environment and no commuting. Employees have gotten used to focusing on results rather than hours worked and have adapted…
Creating a Culture of Belonging

Creating a Culture of Belonging

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Two weeks ago, I dropped my oldest daughter Olivia off for three weeks of sleep away camp. I’m sure this will be a wonderful experience for her, but the week leading up to camp, I started having anxiety about her potential experience. Some of the kids are there all summer and had four weeks to forge friendships before the new kids came to camp for only the last three weeks. Thoughts raced through my head.…
Managing former peers

How to Successfully Manage a Former Peer

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One of the challenges I faced when I was promoted to a management role was managing a coworker whom up until my promotion was a peer. Although she was supportive, it was uncomfortable and changed the dynamic in our relationship. We both knew that ultimately, I was now her manager, and that I would be conducting her performance evaluation. I struggled at first to manage the changes in our relationship. I find this is true…