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Laurie Maddalena is a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership trainer known for her engaging, impactful sessions that not only leave audiences inspired, but spur them into action.

When she’s not traveling the country inspiring leaders, she can be found drinking a nice glass of Cabernet with her husband, Rino, or reading Curious George to her three kids (seven and under).

Laurie sitting at a table

Elevate Your Leadership






“I highly recommend Laurie. Her energy, passion, and approachability set her apart from other speakers”


–Jack Canfield
America’s #1 Succes Coach and author of The Success
and co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

specifically for Credit Unions

12.8.22 | 12 pm EST

leadership improvement

Leadership Detox: Re-energize and Elevate Your Leadership

specifically for Credit Unions

1.25.23 | 9am-12 pm EST

DiSC Management Profile Training

specifically for Credit Unions

2.16.23 | 9am-12 pm EST

Envision Excellence is a leadership consulting firm specializing in executive and management training, leadership assessments, emotional intelligence, teambuilding, and speaking for conferences and corporate events.

rituals for the new year-release and set intentions

Our New Family Ritual for a Great Year

| habits, Leadership, planning | No Comments
I love the beginning of a fresh, New Year! On New Year’s Eve 2021, I started a new ritual for letting go of what didn’t serve me that year so I could start the new year feeling renewed and optimistic. This year, I decided to share this practice with my family while we were on vacation at a resort in Virginia.  At New Year’s Eve dinner, I handed out pieces of paper and asked my…
plan for the new year with priority planning

One Powerful Tool for a Purposeful Year

| Leadership, planning | No Comments
It was July, and I was exhausted. About five years after I started my leadership business, I was busy with clients and traveling locally and nationally for speaking events. By that summer, I was feeling overworked, and craved rest and rejuvenation. I looked at my calendar to book a week-long vacation for that fall and realized that there was not one week I didn’t have something on my schedule. A week-long vacation was not possible,…
performance review meeting

How to Hold a Performance Review Meeting That Inspires and Motivates

| Leadership | 4 Comments
In my last blog, I shared best practices for writing an effective annual performance review. Here I provide strategies for making the performance review meeting more comfortable, conversational, and meaningful.  Most performance evaluation meetings are stressful and ineffective. According to Gallup, only 14% of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews inspire them to improve, and only two in ten strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding…
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