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“Our disadvantages can become our advantages. We can’t always control the events in our life, but we can control how we respond to the events. The challenges, the hardships, and the heartbreaks can give us clarity about what we really do want, and fuel us to create an amazing future.”

-Laurie Maddalena

Women who empower - Laurie Maddalena

Women Who Empower

Laurie Maddalena is a contributing author in the book, Women Who Empower. She shares her personal story of how she overcame challenges and adversity in her life—starting from when she was a teenager—and how she turned her disadvantages into advantages to create success in her life. This deeply personal story will inspire and empower you to overcome your own obstacles and create an amazing future.

 Women Who Empower is a collection of stories to empower your heart and mind.

These 30 stories will speak to your heart and lift up your soul. Each chapter follows the journey that led each co-author overcome challenges and empower others through their story. These pages reflect the intimate choices that were made to rise above challenging situations and as a result live extraordinary lives. This is the seventh book in the #1 International Best-selling Inspired Impact Book Series.


About Laurie

Laurie is CEO and chief leadership consultant at Envision Excellence. Her vision is to create a world of engaging cultures where people love to come to work.

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