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Envision Excellence offers a range of leadership assessment options and surveys to provide important feedback that will help improve performance, communication, and results in your leaders and throughout the organization. Envision Excellence is professionally certified and trained in the following leadership assessment tools and surveys:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Myers-Briggs is a personality type indicator that helps individuals understand their four mental function preferences and the influences these preferences have in work and life. The assessment is often used in team-building, individual development, and other specialized workshops. The assessment is an excellent foray into coaching and helps individuals understand themselves better and how they work in the world. When used in team-building, professionals learn about the behaviors and preferences of others and how to work more effectively with team members. There are no right or wrong answers in the assessment; it is truly to understand your unique way of interacting in the world.

Envision Excellence is professionally certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and offers the following workshops to assist your individuals and teams. All workshops will be tailored to meet the needs of your leaders and organization.

Myers-Briggs Foundations- this workshop introduces the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, provides individual results of the leadership assessment as well as the team composite, assists individuals in understanding their type, and provides strategies for better communication and problem solving.

Myers-Briggs in Teams- this workshop focuses on using the assessment in a team with the goal of enhancing communication, team cohesiveness and effectiveness, and decision making. Each team member will receive their individual results, and the team composite will be shared to help the team develop a better understanding of their strengths and development opportunities. This workshop is excellent for executive and management teams.

Advanced Myers-Briggs- this workshop assumes a foundational understanding of the assessment and teaches advanced understanding of type dynamics. This workshop goes deeper into the assessment and its complexity for more in-depth development. This workshop includes the Step II assessment which is a deeper and more detailed assessment for more powerful learning.

Other Myers-Briggs Workshops:

  • Myers-Briggs and Conflict
  • Myers-Briggs and Communication
  • Myers-Briggs and Change
  • Myers-Briggs and Emotional Intelligence

For more information, download the brochure: Myers-Briggs

360 Degree Feedback (The Leadership Circle Profile)

The 360 degree feedback assessment supports leadership transformation and change by giving executives and managers the full picture in order to deepen learning and understanding. The assessment is designed to be completed by those who work closely with the manager — boss, peers, and subordinates. This unique leadership assessment gives the manager a clear picture of their impact, strengths, and development opportunities.

Envision Excellence is professionally certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile which is the only 360 degree assessment that measures the two primary leadership domains — creative competencies and reactive tendencies — and integrates this information so that they key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface. This profile is a true breakthrough among 360 degree assessments. It is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior.

Benefits of the assessment include:

  • Reveals to the leader what is going on beneath the surface (what may be keeping him/her stuck in old patterns of behavior), as it cultivates deeper personal awareness.
  • Enhances the value of coaching and saves time. A coach instantly sees the whole integrated picture. Coaching can start at an advanced level.
  • Aids in developing teamwork and in succession planning.
  • Provides a comprehensive metric for tracking leadership development and cultural change and facilitates ongoing performance management.
  • Allows an organization to measure itself against a large norm-base of similar companies.

This profile is a powerful tool for individuals and is often used as a springboard for the professional coaching relationship. The assessment process includes the administration of the profile, a two hour feedback session where a professional coach partners with the manager to identify strengths and opportunities, as well as a half hour follow-up coaching call. This profile is very effective when combined with the ongoing coaching relationship.

For more information, download the brochure: The Leadership Circle Profile

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi 2.0)

Emotional Intelligence is recognized today as crucial to the success of leaders, teams and individuals in the workplace. In fact, many studies indicate that EQ is a better predictor of success than IQ.

The EQ-i 2.0 is a comprehensive online assessment tool that measures 16 component elements of emotional well-being within the individual, generating a comprehensive and practical personalized report. The assessment can be used in individual coaching or in a teambuilding session. Each participant receives feedback on their individual report.

For more information, download the brochure: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 360 (EQi 360)

The EQ360 is a 360 degree instrument with a difference: rather than measuring job performance, the EQ360 gives the individual a full 360 degree perspective on how their colleagues’ perceptions of their emotional intelligence compares to their own perception of these EQ elements. This is a powerful tool to bring perspective and insight to leaders so they can improve their emotional and interpersonal interactions.

FIRO-Business (Interpersonal Assessment)

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Business (FIRO-Business) helps professionals understand their interpersonal needs and how you interact with others in your organization. The assessment measures Expressed and Wanted interpersonal needs in three areas that affect work relationships: Involvement, Influence and Connection. The FIRO Business assessment helps organizations develop great leaders, while improving organizational performance. The FIRO-Business assessment is ideal for one-on-one coaching, team building initiatives, communication workshops and leadership development programs. Participants receive an individual profile report as well as a Leadership Report that describes your preferred approach to the following areas:

  • Relating to Your Coworkers
  • Relating to Your Manager
  • Relating to Your Direct Reports
  • Handling Negotiation and Conflict
  • Making Decisions and Setting Priorities

The Leadership Report also provides suggestions and next steps to help you plan how to use the developmental stretches to enhance your interpersonal effectiveness.

For more information, download the brochure: FIRO-Business

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument identifies a person’s preferred conflict-handling style, or mode, and provides detailed information about how that individual can use the five different modes-competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating-effectively. The model demonstrates that these differing behaviors are neither good or bad, but simply different ways of dealing with conflict. This assessment is ideal or management or leadership teams, one-on-one coaching, team building initiatives and communication workshops.

For more information, download the brochure: Thomas-Killman

Team Diagnostic

The Team Diagnostic Assessment provides a benchmark and a detailed map for ongoing team development. The assessment delivers a comprehensive team profile that highlights strengths and opportunities. Team members go online to access the instrument; when the team is complete, responses are compiled for the whole team. The result is an anonymous and candid report from the team, including their responses to a customized set of open-ended questions. With confidentiality protected team members are more frank and the results are more revealing. Ongoing structures and team coaching take the team from where they are to where they need to be in order to produce sustainable excellence. We take the focus off of individual team members’ one-to-one relationships, and focus instead on the team as a system.

This assessment has proven extremely powerful for executive and management teams, as well as cross-functional and project teams. The Team Diagnostic Assessment is a state of the art instrument based on a proven model that defines the necessary strengths for high-performing, sustainable, inspired teams. Envision Excellence, LLC is one of only about 250 coaches worldwide certified to administer and coach around the Team Diagnostic.

For more information, download the brochure: Team Diagnostic

The Leadership Culture Survey

The Leadership Culture Survey delivers a powerful “litmus” test of your leadership culture. Used for your entire organization, or just a leadership team, the survey reveals valuable data: It tells you how your people view their current leadership culture, and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The “gap” between data on their current culture and their desired culture instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. Furthermore, the survey measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.

The Leadership Culture Survey will:

  • Establish a compelling rational for change.
  • Focus leadership development efforts.
  • Delineate cultural challenges associated with acquisitions, mergers and restructuring plans.
  • Correlate leadership to productivity, profits, turnover, and other bottom line metrics.

This powerful tool is valuable for leadership teams in organizations who want to understand the culture of the organization so strengths can be leveraged and opportunities can be seized upon to enhance the overall culture.

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