The Two Most Important Leadership Skills

By November 12, 2015 April 2nd, 2016 2 Comments

As we near the end of the year, are you on track to achieve your goals? Is your team focused and on track, or are they running in 15 different directions? Are you wondering how it got to be November when you haven’t had the chance to get nearly as much done as you planned?

In this month’s video, I share the two most important skills for a leader to be successful. You can be the most talented, strategic, smart, and emotionally intelligent leader, but if you don’t have these two skills, you will never achieve results.

I also share four steps to achieving exceptional goals in the next 12 weeks. Twelve weeks is enough time to achieve significant goals without becoming overwhelmed.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear your tips for keeping your team on track to achieve goals. Or, let us know what you plan to put in action to get back on track with your goals. Leave a comment below the video.

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  • One of my goals is to continue to work on philosophy training for Lean Manufacturing. Which has helped with some of the Implementation of Lean principles, that are currently being applied such as card Kanban inventory movement process. Working with the Team Daily, to elevate and show how Lean has Benefited us as an organization. Also to continue coaching the departments leaders on forecasting and planning. And making sure better communications are a part of continuous improvement.

    • That’s excellent, Leonard! It sounds like you are keeping your team focused and on track daily with the coaching and communication. I know Lean Manufacturing can be very intensive, yet has huge payoffs operationally and financially. Thanks for sharing!

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