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A Better Planning Method that Gets Results

By July 3, 2015April 2nd, 20163 Comments

It’s our business anniversary today, and we are celebrating by posting our very first video! In this video, Laurie Maddalena, CEO of Envision Excellence, shares information about a new planning system that helps leaders and organizations get better results faster.

Laurie also shares one of her personal goals she is committed to taking action on in the next 12 weeks!

Laurie Maddalena

Laurie Maddalena is CEO of Envision Excellence, a leadership consulting firm that provides leadership development programs for managers and executives, keynote speeches, teambuilding, and leadership assessments. Learn more about Laurie:


  • kerry says:

    Nice to see you taking the big leap! We will talk soon…

  • Yay! Congratulations on your anniversary and on your first video!

    In the future, I’d like to see tips on “just doing it!” and balancing the roles of boss and leader. Things we’ve talked about that helped me. 🙂

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